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A Message From A Poet...
(Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

A Message From A Poet...

Poem By Florida Angel

'Listen to your heart, let it loose and write...'
And so I try...And suddenly emptiness results;
My heart...So big and warm, but weak and hurt:
Oh heart of mine, tell your secrets to the world!

Don't be afraid, no pain would stronger be
Than what you've survived...
But there it goes my heart on hide...
Here inside, known to be found,
But so weak to come out.

A Poet I'm not, Because of my heart...
But as a Poem seeker I keep the hunt alive,
One day, maybe someday, I might read a secret,
Or find an answer that will change my life, and save me.

Time is past...Past is Gone...
Tomorrow is soon to arrive,
And here still I'm alive...

So, Poets and poetry I read,
And leave my HOPE as an honest inspiration,
To find the dream in my heart
That long has being misplaced.

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Comments (13)

so profound.............
A wonderful msg. from the heart and its actually true indeed...thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the message. Let us all go on and enjoy being poets. What else better to do?
It's a message from a heart..trule love. Please read my poem and advise
beautiful write here Karina........'true love shall give you a brand new start.....loving words from a loving heart'! ! ! HUGZ~ Brian
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