A Message From A Poet...

'Listen to your heart, let it loose and write...'
And so I try...And suddenly emptiness results;
My heart...So big and warm, but weak and hurt:
Oh heart of mine, tell your secrets to the world!

by Florida Angel Click to read full poem

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so profound.............
A wonderful msg. from the heart and its actually true indeed...thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the message. Let us all go on and enjoy being poets. What else better to do?
It's a message from a heart..trule love. Please read my poem and advise
beautiful write here Karina........'true love shall give you a brand new start.....loving words from a loving heart'! ! ! HUGZ~ Brian
''This music in my heart I 'bear''
Karina: Listen to your heart, let it loose and writel and so I try, and your results are so beautifull Charles Garcia
I like this one... I'm glad I came across your poem. Thank you for sharing..
Time is past...Past is Gone... Tomorrow is soon to arrive, And here still I'm alive So, Poets and poetry I read, And leave my HOPE as an honest inspiration, To find the dream in my heart That long has being misplaced. I really enjoyed this poem, a wonderful narration you placed in the above lines. I like it. Thank you,
I do love this piece, Karina. Poets should write from the heart., and poets in general are kind..So, continue to write right from your heart..millions of messages from every word you write will be a blessing to every soul..count me in.. I am so blessed by your works.
We all try to express ourselves but what does come out is not what we always expect. Keep doing what you are...you're doing very well :)
They say practice makes perfect, but there is no such thing as the perfect poem. I can only repeat what you've no doubt heard already: write with your heart so that you can touch and move the hearts of others, and use your mind to shape what you write. You will get continually better, but you're already moving in the right direction. There is more poetry in this than you believe. And once you start to relax more and just let your mind flow a little you will get even better. I've only read one, but I will come back and read more, because there is openness, sincerity and energy in your writing. You have loads of potential Karina. Keep on doing it. xx jim
Hi Karina; Thank you for comments on my poetry, I never felt that I would ever be a poet. I just write poetry, and it has been so full filling that I accomplished something in my life to shall carry on forever.I write something every day, I have folders that I have not posted, as I feel that its not about numbers but quality, a message or a thought, I love doing Haiku's have a hundred or more that I have not posted, I am reading your posting and enjoying them, I like your style as the messages are clear. I wrote this poem about a poet 3 years ago I share with you. I aThe Poet m not a poet, I write poetry with my pen in hand the words I understand. The issues of the past, the issues on hand, I write because of the urgency to document my thoughts, least I forget and wander off; Sometimes I hear the echoes of the canyons, a resonating vibration, seems never to last for the sounds I hear, love love love, its time to react sounds everywhere, I feel I am going somewhere, I feel no where to go, going somewhere which way to go? for the reflections are illutions, of the echos bouncing back, bringing me back to my thoughs and where I am at.to never forget my famiily and my friends. with my pen in hand, I write word that I understand.