((((((((A Message ~ Part Two ~))))))))

Live your life full today
Follow all your dreams
Take each day as you find it
Life's not always as it seems

Enjoy traveling this great journey
Try not to hold on to the past
As Life will pass by quickly
It moves by so very fast

Listen to your voice within
And let God be your guiding light
Reach for the Heavenly stars
Be shining and be bright

Be kind to the many people
You meet along your way
We all learn from one another
To make a brighter new day

Enjoy and treasure your experiences
Share your joys and your pain
You will never be alone
Someone, somewhere is feeling just the same

Remember Life is very short
It is over in a flicker
Beat feelings of Anger and Hate
Don't get cold, don't get bitter

And when your time on Earth is done
And you move on out of sight
You will reap a great reward
To have lived a life so right.

* I'm to tell you, as the reader, that God does love you and He's watching over you! *


by Kristin Nicole RothDavis

Comments (3)

all i can say to that is...amen. love you eni da kid
Yup! True that - every word, so skillfully arranged, so much inferred. Inspirational reminder of what is truth without a blinder. Thanks Kristin. George, with regards
Kristin - thank you for that beautiful message. We all need to be reminded what is most important in this life, and to honor our blessings and gifts. Your words are a wonderful reminder to stop and smell the roses along the way. Peace and Love to you Kristin....................... Hugs, Linda