A Message To A Great Poet

There is a poet who lives in our modern times, who writes
words of comfort and some of those words just blend into rhymes.
Then there are his verses no taller than elves.The ones that really
can express themselves.These beautiful words that only
he knows how, that makes you want to take your hat off and bow.
To me he is a wizard, and his wonders are words,
they come to him like migrating birds.Words of wisdom, words of
truth and words that you remember way back from your youth.
This great poet is not far away, as a matter of fact he has been here
today. He sent me a message so sweet and kind, that is why he is
always on my mind. I feel in my heart that he may be lonely, but never
mind Duncan your my one and only. I wink my eye when I read your name,
because you and I are one of the same

For you Duncan and all your support.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (6)

Here here, hail to Duncan! And many others on here. You are true stars! Thank you all. Sylvia great words spoken. x0x
A splendid tribute to a wonderful man! I know they feeling when he sends his caring messages it always makes me smile no matter what kind of day I am having! Well Done! Patricia Gale
Nice tribute here Sylvia.Duncan is a great poet and writes from the heart.He is also very supportive of others and his help and assistance is always appreciated. Sid John.
Duncan is a delight...what a lovely tribute, Sylvia!
Get off he's mine sylvia! lol Wonderful poem for a wonderful poet and even more wonderful friend, Tai
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