A Message To My Father

My beloved father, the last time we met
in company with your confidant and friend Abu,
we spoke of many things.
Most importantly the history I'd lost in the

by jerry hughes Click to read full poem

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Jerry I enjoyed reading this poem. It is well written and if true has given a glimpse into your personal story.
A huge number of feelings flow out of these few lines into the heart of the reader. This is poetry at its best.
Wonderful lines here from jerry hughes
A great poem ~ Thank you for sharing~ and that makes me think deeply about the big world with father~
if you wrote this with the right emotion..... applause for you sir.... keep writing!
such realistic poem sir.. i could really relate to it.. but the fact that underlies is that we all really adore our father and as kids aspire to be like him.. 10++++ for sure
This was a very emotional piece. So hard when we have difficulties with our parents. I am surre that deep down that connection was there. Very well written piece.
Thank you for this poem Jerry. I took me many years to reconsile my realationship with my father. The first world war robbed him of his ability to be intimate and for me it was like growing up trying to grasp a shadow. That you for what you left unsaid for there lies his shadow. -Paddy
A very poignant write Jerry, but you seem to have made your peace....many do not and the father-son unnpleasant saga never ends unfortunately...
A lovely poem, jerry, really typifies the difficulty of father-son relationships. A real tip of the iceberg job and like many of your poems is an emotional carousel and encapsulates many lifetimes!
Awesome and moving poem Jerry, makes one wonder at the full story.
Jerry, this is a sad poem, but also a happy one to some extent. You've apparantly righted the ship. Some never do. Ron
J, I am returning to this, as you touch so much in this as in so many pieces. t x
Much feeling do you words provoke as the subject is emotional to all Thank you for sharing
Of course I speak in ignorance but it is quite possible your father would be very proud of the introspective man you have become… and perhaps your outstanding poetry as well.
Thank you all for comments, they brought a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. He was a grand old man my dad.
This message(s) convey so much, are never too late.. and that you can then further outpour and share with a wider audience and consequentially touch so many is testamonial to human-ness and vulnerability wrapped in so many other emotions.... thanks for being a leading light here... aroha Deana xx
Said so true! Good job on this poem Jerry! ! ! Always, Linda
nice and sucinct (sp?) , i like how you imply their past but don't outright tell us a history. loverly ^^
very well written and with depth... top vote from me may i also invite you to read One Chil'ds Prayer