A Message To My Father

My beloved father, the last time we met
in company with your confidant and friend Abu,
we spoke of many things.
Most importantly the history I'd lost in the

by jerry hughes Click to read full poem

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A poem with a purpose. The last poem of yours about your father that I read inspired me to write about my own dad. This one makes me feel that it is about all sons and fathers. Your kinetic poem grabs the heart and won't let go until a reconciliation is drafted in the mind of the reader.
I would say this is about a 9. Anyone who says it's not worthwhile, is an idiot.
i totaly understood what u were feeling <3 mandy
A moving, highly sentimental and poignantly emotional! May your father's blessings be on you for ever!
A sad tale of a soft heart and definitely your father would read this belated message.
i supose i like david can in part empathise about the absense of a father. this is quite a sad poem, but thats in a good way. its simple and quite forward, very brave and a bit moving.
Jerry, this is a sad poem and in reflection I know how you must feel. My circumstances were quite different, but as hurtful just the same. Thanks for having the courage of sharing this piece my friend. David
Very thought provoking piece...that is haunted with sadness but makes the reader a little better when they read there is a second chance.Thank God for them because sometimes it hurts so much and yet there is nothing we can do about it... Sorry for your pain but I am so happy you shared with us. Take care of U Shelley
Jerry, your father full well knew you would become a different person than who he would have raised. It is a thought in my mind, that is what he truly wanted. Such openness in your divulging delicate matters! ! Loving divulgence. That's all it takes. Will you ever write the rest of this story? Or is it too soon, yet? My heart is touched. Not many poems do that.xxElysabeth
Some people are unfortunate never to get that back, and I'm happy that you weren't one of them. I too was estranged from my father, and now we actually have the father-daughter relationship I've always dreamed of... like Luke to Obi-Wan Kenobe, in a way... sorry for the silliness, I just really appreciate this heart-warming message so compassionately written, by a man with a heart of gold. Thanks! Lee
A story of reconciliation poignantly and sincerely told. I feel for your separation and say there but for the grace of God go I. Very good poem. Thank you! Bob
I have a difficult relationship with my own father, so I could relate to this a lot. Poignantly expressed and brilliantly written.
Jerry These is great Ive enjoyed reading these fine poem.
Jerry this one comes from 'that place' and is one of the finest you have written for some time. With a few carefully placed words you offer the reader a wealth of information, both factual and emotional about you and your father. A moving, warmly drawn piece which leaves the reader wondering... Brilliant. love, Allie xxxx
This I dig. Thanks. Michael