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A Message To My Lover

Because am never there
And it seems I never care
Because am never loving
You know without you am nothing

I may never bring you those fancy pearls

Lucratively wrapped in the sweetest textures
Only our love really matters
Vague beginnings spawn the sweetest endings
Effortlessly sealed with the softest kisses

You may never understand
Only know it’s who I am
Unique in the eyes of his lover

And faithful only to his equal other
Nothing matters when am with my boo
Don’t need to blink with my eyes on you

Will always try even when am gone and done
I simply love you because you’re the one
Love your simple flaw
Loves what’s got me in awe

Not the cutest boog it’s true
Everything matters with you
Vulnerable to your effervescent features
Engulfed by the fire of my desires
Romanced by your completeness

Loved by your sexy
Only you can make me crazy
Vital to my existence
Eliminated to my impossible

And to you my love
Never a moment you shall frown
Only for forever will love now sound
Timelessly forgotten as L O V E
Heavenly remembered
Eternally rewritten by the one who cares
Remember love now spells SHANEZ

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