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A Message Was Sent November 8,2016,
RF (02/09/1954 / Perth, Ontario)

A Message Was Sent November 8,2016,

Poem By Raymond Farrell

I'm not an American
But it seems to me
A message was sent
On November 8,2016
To the political establishment
In the USA
And their cheerleaders
In the mass media
(the monkeys that jump to their tune)
Journalists, talk show hosts
Clowns, comedians, actors
And other overpaid morons
It came swift and clear
Letting them and everyone know
The vast majority
Don't want what they've been peddling
The messenger may be odious
And unlikeable to many
But the message is as plain as day
People are tired
Of establishment politicians
Tired of being led
Where they don't want to go
And tired of a smug
Liberal PC Fascist group
Completely out of touch with the majority
Trying to tell others what to think
Yeah, the message was sent
They all want to start paying attention
Because they're skating on thin ice.

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This analysis is absolutely, arrow piercingly Right! Could not be more objectively accurate, poetically balanced and to the point. You nailed it to the wall of perfection. As an American you have all my gratitude. Wish everyone that opposes this beneficial change would read it. It would help people, many that are still blind, UNDERSTAND!