MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! A Metaphor In Search Of A Poem Perhaps

Like a favourite vase,
newly washed, saying
I'm beautiful as I am,
empty yet shining,
what will you fill me with?

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I would fill it with all the beauty and the wonder and the love in the heart of an innocent child and than cover it up so that it shall always remain as such...I see the jealous 3 letter man has lowered your vote. Poor soul needs to be on meds for his split personalitIES! ! ! ~~~marci.m. :)
and its like that too, in this life, with vases and such. nice poem michael.
OOOPS! I forgot to vote. But now I have. Does twentyfivemillion out of ten count? t x
Flowers... or peace. Or piece. t x