A Microcosm's Prayer(Slokha)-17

Sloka, is the most common Sanskrit meter and is a descendant of the older Vedic gayatri
The sloka, meaning 'song', although metric, is not considered poetic.
It functions more as the equivalent to Western prose with lines and meter and
is often used in narratives or epics.

The defining features of the sloka are:
stanzaic, written in any number of couplets made up of 2 hemistiches.
The hemistiches can be broken into 4 lines or padas creating quatrains,4 lines or padas
syllabic, either 2 lines of 16 syllables each or 4 hemistiches of 8 syllables each.
metric, alternate hemistiches of trochaic and iambic patterns.

The following verses are my own work based on the great slokha 'Lalitha Sahasranamam'
where the meaningful thousand names of Adi Para Sakthi(primordial cosmic Energy)
are narrated.These verses are not lireral or exact translation of the slokha.But I refered to
the translation of the great slokha by Mr.P. R. Ramachander

(Please read the previous parts of this series before reading this)

49 Thee who's the most desirable
Who's adored by sages and seers
Who is so known by name Kamya
Thee the truth of Shiva-sakti

Thee the form of the art of love
Thee who's Kamakalaroopa
Who likes assemblage of flowers
Kadamba flowers best of all

Thee so is called by the great name
Kadambha kusuma priya
Thee who's auspiciously righteous
Thee who is righteously precious

Thee who blesses all with auspice
Thee who is so called Kalyani
Who's the Root of the universe
The Support of the universe

So is thee Jagatikanda
Thee who's the ocean of mercy
Thee who's so known by the great name
Karuna rasa sagara

Thee who is the form of all arts
Who herself is so artistic
Whose crest the crescent moon's adorned
Thee who's so called Kalavathi

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

50 Thee whose voice is pleasing and sweet
Whose speech comprises all arts
Thee who's so called Kalalapa
Thee who's longed by all for thy sort

Beloved thee is so Kanta
Thee who likes the divine liquour
Thee who loves to listen to vedas
So's thee Kadambari priya

What we need, who else we ask for..
Thee our Mother who gives us boons
Thee who is so called Varada
Thee who's Vamanayana too

Whose eyes are the ace beautiful
Whose eyes are the ace merciful
Whose eyes keep watching everything
Whose eyes lead us in the good path

So is thee Vamanayana
Thou art the goddess of water
Tranced by the bliss of Varuni
So is thee known by that great name

Vaaruni madha vihwala
Thee who transcends the universe
So is known as Viswadhika
Veda vedya whom vedas own

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

51 Vindhyachala nivasini
Whose abode is Vindhya mountains
Vidhatri who supports the whole
Thee the Mother of the vedas

Is so called Veda janani
Thyself the power of Vishnu
Thyself is the form of Vishnu
Thee who's so called Vishnu maya

Thee the spouse of Kameswara
Thee the sporter of creation
Thee the Mother of creation
So is thee called Vilasini

Ho ho, divine our sweet Mother
Thou art beautiful the bestest
Thou art our brave queen the bestest
Thou art our Wisdom the bestest

Thou art our Strength sole the bestest
The Support for mind the bestest
The Support for life the bestest
Thou art all Force the mightiest

So to thee Mother, namaste
The Power of all, namaste
The causer of all, namaste
Creatrix of all, namaste

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: Translation by Mr.P.R Ramachandar

* 321 * Kaamya - She who is of the form of love
* 322 * Kamakala roopa - She who is the personification of the art of love
* 323 * Kadambha kusuma priya - She who likes the flowers of Kadamba
* 324 * Kalyani - She who does good
* 325 * Jagathi kandha - She who is like a root to the world
* 326 * Karuna rasa sagara - She who is the sea of the juice of mercy
* 327 * Kalavathi - She who is an artist or she who has crescents
* 328 * Kalaalapa - She whose talk is artful
* 329 * Kaantha - She who glitters
* 330 * Kadambari priya - She who likes the wine called Kadambari or She who likes long stories
* 331 * Varadha - She who gives boons
* 332 * Vama nayana - She who has beautiful eyes
* 333 * Vaaruni madha vihwala - She who gets drunk with the wine called varuni(The wine of happiness)
* 334 * Viswadhika - She who is above all universe
* 335 * Veda vedya - She who can be understood by Vedas
* 336 * Vindhyachala nivasini - She who lives on Vindhya mountains
* 337 * Vidhatri - She who carries the world
* 338 * Veda janani - She who created the Vedas
* 339 * Vishnu maya - She who lives as the Vishnu maya
* 340 * Vilasini - She who enjoys love making

by Indira Renganathan

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Slokas have their great spiritual significance and importance in enriching human values! You have very neatly presented here a Microcosm's Prayer that so pious! ....….Is so called Veda janani/Thyself the power of Vishnu/Thyself is the form of Vishnu/Thee who's so called Vishnu maya…..Thanks dear madam for sharing!