A Microcosm's Prayer(Slokha) -42

Sloka, is the most common Sanskrit meter and is a descendant of the older Vedic gayatri
The sloka, meaning 'song', although metric, is not considered poetic.
It functions more as the equivalent to Western prose with lines and meter and
is often used in narratives or epics.

The defining features of the sloka are:
stanzaic, written in any number of couplets made up of 2 hemistiches.
The hemistiches can be broken into 4 lines or padas creating quatrains,4 lines or padas
syllabic, either 2 lines of 16 syllables each or 4 hemistiches of 8 syllables each.
metric, alternate hemistiches of trochaic and iambic patterns.

The following verses are my own work based on the great slokha 'Lalitha Sahasranamam'
where the meaningful thousand names of Adi Para Sakthi(primordial cosmic Energy)
are narrated.These verses are not lireral or exact translation of the slokha.But I refered to
the translation of the great slokha by Mr.P. R. Ramachander

(Please read the previous parts of this series before reading this)

124 Thee the strength of the whole Brahman
So's thee Brahmani.Who is the
Brahman Herself, so is Brahman
Who has birthed and births all and whole

Divine Mother, thee's Janani
Who has myriad forms, so is
Bahu roopa.Who's worshipped by
The learned, thee's so Budharchitha

Thee who's the creatrix of all
Is so known as Prasavithri
Thee who is yet a wrathful Queen
Against evil so's Prachanda

The empress of commandments, so's
Thee known as Aagna.Who's the base
And support of all, so's thee called

To all as the universe, thee
Is so called Prakata Krithi
Who rules over breath and senses
Thee is so called Praneshwari

Who gives life to breath and senses
So's thee called Prana Dhatri
So's thee all forms of all forces
So's thee all gods and goddesses

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

125 Fifty one divine centres thee
The supreme force who's seated in
So's thee greatly known by the name
Panchashat peeta roopini

Thou art the creatrix of all
Thou art the Mother of all, so're
At thy disposal one and all
Thou art so unfettered and free

So's free to create and dissolve
So's free in thy own way entranced
So is thee called Vishrunkala
Thee who's in secret concealment

Who's in solitary bliss, so's
Known by the name Vivikthastha
Thou art the supreme empress and
The mostsupreme warrioress

Praised so high tales of thy valour
Slaying demons in battles, it's
Clear thatthee likes brave, bold heroes
So is thee called Veera matha

The ether that supports all the
Heavenly bodies, Mother thee
Who created that space of sky
So is thee calledViyat prasoo

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

126 Redemption and salvation, thee
Who bestows on your devotees
So's greatly known as Mukundaa
Who's the abode of salvation

Thee's so called Mukthi nilaya
The root Power from which emerged
Myriad powers and is still
Emerging and the root Figure

From which emerged and emerging
Till today myriad forms, thee
Who's that Mother Power, so's called
Moola vigraha roopini

Ho ho, divine our sweet Mother
Thou art beautiful the bestest
Thou art our brave queen the bestest
Thou art our Wisdom the bestest

Thou art our Strength sole the bestest
The Support for mind the bestest
The Support for life the bestest
Thou art all Force the mightiest

So to thee Mother, namaste
The Power of all, namaste
The causer of all, namaste
Creatrix of all, namaste

Namaste Mother namaste
Divine Mother, unto thy feet
This tiny droplet surrenders
Rise my size within me, I watch

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Translation by Mr.P.R Ramachandar

* 821 * Brahmani - She who is the strength behind creator
* 822 * Brahmaa - She who is the creator
* 823 * Janani - She who is the mother
* 824 * Bahu roopa - She who has several forms
* 825 * Budharchitha - She who is being worshipped by the enlightened
* 826 * Prasavithri - She who has given birth to everything
* 827 * Prachanda - She who is very angry
* 828 * Aagna - She who is the order
* 829 * Prathishta - She who has been installed
* 830 * Prakata Krithi - She who is clearly visible
* 831 * Praneshwari - She who is goddess to the soul
* 832 * Prana Dhatri - She who gives the soul
* 833 * Panchashat peeta roopini - "She who is in fifty Shakthi peethas like Kama ropa, Varanasi. Ujjain etc"
* 834 * Vishungala - She who is not chained
* 835 * Vivikthastha - She who is in lonely places
* 836 * Veera matha - She who is the mother of heroes
* 837 * Viyat prasoo - She who has created the sky
* 838 * Mukundaa - She who gives redemption
* 839 * Mukthi nilaya - She who is the seat of redemption
* 840 * Moola vigraha roopini - She who is the basic statue

by Indira Renganathan

Comments (2)

Good poem.it is difficult to get all connections of all materials from say 400 million years, that benevolently culminated into life on earth., the inanimate mother force that over millenia was grooming and shaping animate motherhood.For this seems to be the ultimate divine purpose, Good retrieval.
....Thee the strength of the whole Brahman So's thee Brahmani.Who is the Brahman Herself, so is Brahman......the divine expression is absolutely priceless! Thanks dear madam for sharing! Pray God bless you always.................Dillip