A Mid Summers Day

It is the perfect summer's day
The suns warmth on my face
The lake calm as glass on a table
I sit there bobbing like a piece of driftwood

The lapping of water a serenade to peacefulness
The call of a loon nearby
The thumbs up
The deafening roar and ever so more

Every muscle in my body now tense
The knees bent and arms extent
I am propelled forward like a missile
The defining moment arrived, shall I fail or survive

At first I waiver like a giraffe's first steps into life
The wind sweeps back my hair
The summer heat flushes my face
Like a blow dryer working its pace

Now I glide effortlessly as if standing on water
The shoreline passing at ever increasing speed
Exhilaration is now my need
Round and round we go as if in slow mo

Then once again my legs do go quiver
Adrenalin has met its match as exhaustion arrives
One minute on water the next I'm in
To shore, a beer, a smile and maybe a grin

Life of a water skier

by Andreas Simic

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