(1975 / Lueyang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province of China.)

A Midsummer Night's Dream Translated By Sophy Chen

Sophy Chen Translation C-E Poetry Series of Chinese Poetess (1)
[Jiangsu] The Chinese Fourteen Lines Poems by Rouge Jasmine

A Midsummer Night's Dream Translated by Sophy Chen

The night wind woke you up from your sleep, after the rain
With the air filled with the fragrance of soil, grass and trees
You suspect that flashing fireflies are stars falling into the mortal world from heaven
There're also the ticking of the clock and the shallow singing of the summer insects
They are nice to hear like the hands of wind plucking the strings of summer
It plucked a joyful Midsummer Night's Dream
At this time in the darkness in this secular world the earth is a paradise
All beings indulge in it without melancholy or sadness
The pain in a person's heart has become more and more light
Light as a small insect with a blow of wind disappearing in the night
You are flowers blossoming alone in the night and nobody cares
You begin to fall in love in the night with those beautiful things
You did not expect that the dewdrops are also so charming on the grass
With a gentle touch, rolling down the depths of earth as crystals

Translated by Sophy Chen 2017-11-25

by Sophy Chen

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Sophy, such an awesome poem...10+++