A Mien To Move A Queen


A Mien to move a Queen—
Half Child—Half Heroine—
An Orleans in the Eye
That puts its manner by
For humbler Company
When none are near
Even a Tear—
Its frequent Visitor—

A Bonnet like a Duke—
And yet a Wren's Peruke
Were not so shy
Of Goer by—
And Hands—so slight—
They would elate a Sprite
With Merriment—

A Voice that Alters—Low
And on the Ear can go
Like Let of Snow—
Or shift supreme—
As tone of Realm
On Subjects Diadem—

Too small—to fear—
Too distant—to endear—
And so Men Compromise
And just—revere—

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (11)

Nicely penned poem....I like it
Wow what a miem that was! 10+++
Such a great last stanza from a great poet.
A marvelous tribute to a queen. A finest poem to read time and again.
Like Dr. Tony, we studied ED in my literature class too. She is a fine poetess, but she lived mostly introverted and reclusive. Perhaps typical for her time. Though I like many of her poems, they are almost all thought provoking poems, Congratulations to her family in the USA being chosen as Classic Poem Of The Day. Hurray! How much must I give to a Classic poem to use for the vote? A myriad 10's of course. God Bless her family.
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