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A Mighty Beast To Plunder
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

A Mighty Beast To Plunder

Poem By Danny Speicher

Waves crash against my boat today
Like many other days before
I've hooked the prey I've longed after
My hands so bloody and, oh, so sore
Th fish is strong in mind and heart
But, I am man and will prevail
He taunts me with his power
But, on and on, I sail
He circles once and circles twice
Constantly still still circling
All day, all night around and 'round
Not paying heed to my pain's sting
Pulling to tight will break the line
Giving slack will give him freedom
On this sea of purgatory
My batle will soon be won
His strength waning now, I know
His circles so small
For him, the end is drawing near
His flesh will feed us all
In the air he jumps so high
Saying his goodbyes one last time
We have bonded, the fish and I
Murdering him, I feel, a crime
Nature exists to give us life
This, my guilt, doth relieve
What a mighty beast to plunder
What a bounty to receive

((Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's book, 'The Old Man and the Sea'))

((October 20th,1999))

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