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A Mighty Flooding River

The Lord our God, He lights our path
In the way that we must go
And the world is tossed by every wave
The wind it blows it to and fro

Stand up, stand up for Jesus
That is our clarion call
As the world begins to crumble
And the walls begin to fall

Why should we fear the darkness?
Why should we fear the light?
Wake up ye sleepy Christians
It's time to stand and fight

We bear the armor of the Lord
Let's step into the fray
Come now and fight while there's still light
And walk while its yet day

For fast the night approaches
With murder in its hand
The gates of hell have come to see
That we no longer stand

And even though they spill our blood
And victory they will hail
And all around be darkness
The gates shall not prevail

For Christ in all His glory
Will come and fill the sky
You'll hear the trumpet blowing
You'll hear the angel cry

Behold the King of glory
He's in His battle dress
And every knee on earth shall bow
And every tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords
And He is King of kings
All glory to Emmanuel
Is what the angel sings

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