SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

A Mighty Warrier.

I am a mighty warrior.
I stand tall with Godly pride.
If you ask me what I'm doing here
I will answer all in stride.

Spiritually crawling like a baby
till I reached out for his hand,
no longer basking in the doldrums
realize now it's not Gods plan.

Now I'm faithful and Courageous-
discipline a huge part of my armor.
I never knew I was his princess...
made to shine and bring him honor!

So if you ask me whets my purpose
I will tell you BOLD and clearly!
It is to gather up lost Angels
to testify how to live and Love Him dearly!

Written on April 12th 2007.

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Now check out this bold and brassy stright in your face no dought about it statement, all I can say is top of the list for this one......well done...
Oh Shelley this is just beautiful, an excellent poem indeed. You amaze me girl, I had no idea you had such rich talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the read Shelley. Thankyou my dear----Melvina----