A Migrant Bird's Perspective

Poem By Janaki Nilmini

Jets and planes have conquered the sky
Just like us, fly over the deep blue ocean
They have copied us, use avian highways
But, why can't the Humans fly?
They have made mechanical giants
Which will carrymany of them.
A pilot navigates the way
They will sit in comfort
Happily drinking champagne
Once a pilot asked me, what's your Avian secret?

Our eyes are large for a sharp eyesight
In air and water, we see well.
Tube shaped nose enhances smell
Hooked bill is for gripping the fish while flying
The feet at the back, propel us from behind when diving
Narrow wings regulate, turbulence while flying
The thickly dense plumage is for insulation
The long wingspans produce aerodynamic lift
We can read the sun and stars
Parents teach us navigation skills
Instincts, landmarks, all these help
If you want to fly, this is all, I could say
Now that we know each other well
I have an important thing to tell

As you know friend, over the time we have evolved well.
Natural problems, predators and storms are manageable
Human threats like power lines and hunters are the worst of all
Destroyed habitats, changed environments, make it unbearable
Turtle dove and many other sea birds now face extinction
Please be kind. Save our migrants without restriction

Comments about A Migrant Bird's Perspective

Nicely written on migrant birds..sharp eyesight, strong wings help them to fly different places
Love for Nature is definitely paradise but you can never stop this human growth in technology.

4,5 out of 5
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