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A Million Lives In Parallel

Wide awake yet unaware,
Of all that lies around,
Stumble fall and tumble,
And lie there on the ground.
A face seen through a window,
A scream heard through a lock.
A million lives in parallel,
Upon this spinning rock.
We live our lives in solitude,
And tell ourselves we know.
How to treat our fellow man,
How deep their feelings flow.
But sitting in a traffic jam,
Or walking down the street,
Do we ever stop to wonder,
‘Bout the people we never meet.
How each one has their issues,
A set of unique trials.
To make ends meet, some sell their souls,
Whilst others walk for miles.
So next time that you’re quick to judge,
Someone who’s wronged you so.
Just take a small step back and think,
How much do I know?

Heath Gunn

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I think your poem is beautiful
'How each one has their issues, a set of unique trials to make ends meet, some sell their souls whilest others walk for miles' PURE CLASSIC WRITING........FROM A YOUNG MAN! ! ! ! Extraoridinary poetry. Thank God I know you now.