SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

A Million Miles From Home

Like a distant radio station
out there, somewhere,
is a song calling
in the glimmer of light falling,
a voice carried upon the air
as persistent as a prayer.
It whispers in the wind
blowing here to there, and back again.
It pushes through me
with an alluring awe and beckoning beauty.

I feel a million miles from home
Out in this desert all alone.
I sit under the sky of blue
and feel the soft wind too.
I see the sun passing by
watching, like God's open eye.
There's a weariness within
the weight of worldly sin.
It's a long way home
from where I now roam.
Yet, I can't stay still
following the spirit's will.
Best to travel light
while carrying this blight,
old worn boots and a hat
nothing more than what you can handle on your back.
Trust the love of strangers
passing through this land of dangers.
Places will come, and places will go
all things above, and all things below.
On and on we all must roam
for we're still a million miles from home.
The deaf will listen, the blind shall look
the answers await in an old, old book.
Perhaps only the heart here truly understands
the incredible gift offered to man.

We are all a million miles from home
and tired to the bone,
but out here what can we do, where can we go?
We'll just keep moving until we find we know
what yet we do not know.

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Beautifully written, my friend. I LOVE the last well said! This is a winner in my book, and I can somehow relate though not in the desert, but being 3000 miles from my hometown, from coast to coast, yet always missing my hometown and family. Great write Smoky, thanks for sharing.
These lines gave me an odd deja vu that was excel at this kind of writing, don't ever stop, please. (smile)
This poem is so sad. I can really sense the heartache you must have felt when writing it.
I see open skies and long prairie ripples on the skyline, skies of rippled cloud and the neck of a bay mare shaking her head. Seared grass and a buzzard circling overhead.... Rocks..
Smoky-This is a moving poem and brings me peace of mind. Great job. Claudia
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