A Million Sunrises

A million sunrises though I see,

yet there is always one specially for me,

Each day holds a blessing,

that I'm grateful for

and makes me want to know

my creator more,

I wonder at the way,

He holds everything in place,

the uniqueness in which,

He created the human race.

Each one so special,

and different from us all,

I wonder what life he had for us

before the happening of the fall.

He speaks to us so clearly,

through all that His hands have made

and gives us a glimpse of the paradise.

that is ours, since foundations laid.

And look what we've done

to mess it all up!

We've chopped down the trees,

and burned it all up!

the atmosphere is poisoned,

with things we should not breathe in,

and we've caused a big hole

to let radiation in!

We've twisted and bent

His rules for our lives,

and reversed every order,

that now plays havoc

and brings strife

Our hearts made for love,

now houses hate,

and we are ready to draw knives,

at the slightest instigate,

Brother kills brother,

friend betrays friend,

Oh what is this world coming to,

when will it all end.

If I continue to go,

on and on with this trend,

my ranting will never stop,

I will be sad to no end.

So each morning when I wake up,

I run out to see,

the most awesome sunrise,

and it reassures me,

and I take heart,

for He tells me,

that all is not lost,

for I have one more day to see,

and to do what I must!

by Pauline Raina

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this poem is so true and I thought it was going to be about the sun! <3 but...what must u do?