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A Million Times Nine
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Million Times Nine

A Million Times Nine
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Friday, July 28,2017

Nights dreamt I spent in Buriram
East coast Thailand once known as Siam
Sweet Nights, I dreamt everlasting
Colors true blue to indigo contrasting
Silent is the mystic nights I spent
I sway gently by the moonlight paradise sent

She is my all and I am hers
She is my life and I she prefers
To be there, if I only could
Heaven knows I surely would
For if this dream could come true
I would surely be there with you

Casting shadows in golden meadows
Hours spent are dreamland sent
Holding you so kind and tender
My all to you I now surrender
Never can you ever find
You residing at the back of my mind

For you my heart aches
I'll do anything, whatever it takes
To break your heart would be the saddest mistake
You, I could never ever forsake
For each day that dawns that I wake
Here is my heart for you to take

I want you by my side forever
The skies part when we are together
We are two birds of the same feather
The tides that bind I'll never sever
Between us let them try whosoever
This struggle they can never win
For life, in this relationship, I am in

Constantly she pulls at my heartstrings
She lifts me up and gives me wings
She is my queen and I her king
No more winters just always spring
She brings joy to my everything
To her forever I shall cling

Far east you are, and I yet so far west
Distances truly put regards to the test
You have ignited the flames deep in my soul
A raging fire now burning out of control
Mere words spoken cannot ever express
Ask me for the answer will always be yes
Take it, I give you my all
You are my drug, and I now suffer from withdrawal
You are the fever coursing through my veins
Consuming me softly until nothing remains
You are my sunshine designed to be mine
Words cannot define for you are fine a million times nine

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A nice poetic imagination, Wilfred. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks