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A Million Times Three
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Million Times Three

A Million Times Three
Written; Wilfred Mellers, June 11,2015

I would give the world if it were mine to give
I would give you my last meal so you could live
You are the dove and I the worrisome swan
Supreme my sacrifice so you could go on

While I watch by the day you grow stronger
I would do anything for you to live longer
I am with you no matter forever
I will support you in whatever your endeavor

Whatever it takes for you to flourish
My life's bread for you to nourish
I have tried to fulfill your every need
All I ever wanted was for you to succeed

I never left you in your adolescence
To my existence, you are the essence
Though I cannot shelter you from the cold
I will be with you even when you are old

As the world gets smaller you get taller
You are spectacular in any vernacular
From the highest mountaintop, I would shout even louder
Of you, I couldn't be any prouder

In this life, nothing is guaranteed
There will be obstacles in your way to impede
Remember to always do a good deed
Never plummet into foolish greed

Always try kindness not violence instead
Never take others problems upon your head
Many the tears for you I have shed
So many words unspoken need to be said

As my life fades yours has begun
From your first steps until you learned how to run
For everything you are and everything you'll ever be
For life and beyond I will always love you a million times three

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