A Million Tiny Moments

You’ll deny me someday,
But that’s just fine, you’ll see.
Ashamed of one another,
Is just how it should be.

A twisted letter leaves my hand,
Along with tears of woe.
I love you more than life itself
But dare not let it show.

Unrequited sighs of love,
Imprisoned in my breast.
I crush your fireflies one by one
To prove that dad knows best.

If only I could stop to smile
Or even hold a hand.
Just why I never listened,
I fail to understand.

A million tiny moments
Have sailed up to the moon;
As days go by without you,
In solitude, I swoon.

Seasoned with excuses,
I hide behind my shell.
Your million tiny moments;
My heaven and my hell.

Undaunted by my failures,
You never cease to smile.
My eyes are now wide open -
If only for a while.

by Paul Murdoch

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great poem mate...Undaunted by my failures, You never cease to smile.My eyes are now wide open -if only for a while....wonderful ending...check out ma poems as well k? add sum comments will be highly appreciated...