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A Million Years Times Ninety-Nine
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Million Years Times Ninety-Nine

A Million Years Times Ninety-Nine
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Monday, October 12,2009

Give to me a few moments to explain
What I feel cannot be contain
You are the finest wine, or perhaps the best champagne
I could stare at you until I experience total eyestrain

I toil in despair from separation anxieties
When you're not around it seems like centuries
My nights so long, drawn-out, and empty
The clock ticks slowly and hours seems plenty

Your absence causes the greatest of grief
Still is the night for creeps my heart's thief
All I can think about is only you
I want desperately to hold you too

To me what anguish I feel when you are not near
To me when you are here the world seems clear
To me, I hold you close and so dear
To me, every sense becomes hyper aware

From the highest peak let me exclaim
I love you, I love you, I shall proclaim
I will give away all fortunes and my fame
Ambers sparked the fire red hot is the flame

No matter the question or how it may pertain
A life in love with you and I shall maintain
Ferocious no longer the beast now is tame
The wind carries and whispers only your name

Stricken my eyes for I see now crisscrossed
Scribed your name on my heart now it's embossed
Exposed I would stand there naked to winter's blaring frost
No matter the value to have you I would disburse any cost

Fluid my motion for life's new meaning
Like an infant from the breast I now need weaning
Candles burning, incense and the table now set
Your love is like the rain for I want to get soaking wet

Thoughts of you and all beautiful things comes to mind
Joy, love, and hope all combined
Flawless and masterfully designed
An elegant rose with tender petals you remind

Eternity I'd spend if only life would permit
My life to you forever more I want to commit
God's gift so immaculate you are
The brightest star you outshine by far
My signatures here now placed on this dotted line
I will love you a million years times ninety-nine

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forever is not enough Wil....but a million years time ninety nine is a hundred lightmellers away...