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A Mind Blowing God
SE (June 6 / Calabar, Nigeria)

A Mind Blowing God

Poem By Serena Eyo

I have seen an avid architect
Who crafted the world
Placing diamonds and gold in the night sky,
The silver in the day sky,
The green vegetation on the dry land,
And the fishes in the blue sea

I have seen a talented producer
With a titanic theatre
That has characters of kinds
Clowns and serious minds
Short and tall, young and old,
The ugly and the beautiful,
Playing their parts perfectly

I have seen a master planner
Who has kept everything in order.
I have heard a Voice in the Wind
That whispers sweet secrets to my heart.
I have seen a Watchman
Who watches all the ends of the earth.

What a Mind-Blowing God!
A God indeed with good eyes,
A Magnificent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient God.
I have seen a wondrous God
Who has done beyond reasoning and imagination
A More-than-Enough God

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An apt capturing of the awesome God. The master artist no other can beat. Thx for sharing.