Duchess 2: Last Letter To Esther

Dear Esther,
You are the finest of ebony no lie
God broke the mould after he created you so fine
Innocent gaze;
Let me be the one in your eyes
Let me be the tears in your cries
While I’m alive and when I die.
Dear Esther,

Cross no lips, I’ll carry your cross
We don't need to be in Persia
Just put on a smile with you we can both be King & Queen
God broke the mould; you’re so fine
Seeing you Duchess; a Dukes’ pain’s pleasure
Sanative yet, you give my blood pressure
Dear Esther, you’re so fine
Say yes and be mine and I’ll be fine.

The only muddies I’ll deep both arms
Reading my heart is no tilling a farm
It’s cool and calm
No volcano harm
You as an image block my brain like a dam
Dear Esther, my dye -in-the-wool affection
I know I’m not the only one but
You can’t find this true obsession
A last train to passion, no smite
Clown in a circus I’ll be
To always and forever
Make you smile.
Dear Esther,
Esther don’t be a myth
Yours sincerely;
Dear Esther.

by Vincent Onyeche

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Yeah don't let your writings vanish..but post them on poemhunter.. nice poem :) Preets