AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)

A Mind That Imagines

A mind that imagines

It could be the genesis
A contemporary but pragmatic one
Fantasies compacted to dog,
Though feasible only if you abide in them.

A psych that treks
A conception that commutes to furthest latitudes.
Whereabouts sometimes with no individual who have set a hoof astride.
Vocalizing with those who share compatible claret.
Inherent siblings staying around.

No vicinity is reputable as home,
Was it all they could affirm?
Staying hone bestows oblivion but versed reminiscence.
Save energy, do not pursue,
Remember they are memories of barrenness.
Forget home and explore life.
Be the swain populace talks about.
Hitherto, buzzed up with consciousness to nurture us, let us approach.

Submerged under the aquaof the plethora
Not strangled but coping with the impossible.
Bathe with all fishes of the world,
A new creation and contaminated with this maritime excitation.
An excitability that soothes and blends.
Mixing with sharks and dolphins, whales and mackerel.
Present to feel the telltale of amphibians and reptiles.
Frogs and crocodiles
Nymphs that are mystical though not their family.
Feeling the coolness and the ransom it reciprocates.
Suddenly drowning in such ecstasy of a mind that imagines.

A feathered creature in the ozone befriending the whisk.
Up in the stratosphere like there is no landing ground.
Into the fogginess and calmed by just breeze.
All hysteria moderate and soothing.
Music to my ears and blurring,
Mumbling my blissful mood.
Today just being another day in thousand others.
Two thousand kilometers an hour is the mode.
Altitudestill biddingus well.
Funnyfeeling all over.
Feeling like vomiting but promising not to.
The way it tickles reminds of childhood.
Grew fond of curdling, it mad me giggle and happy.
Calling it all glee still it bestowed nullity.
Whisk away aviator, to a place unimaginable
Serve me toast mistress with wholesomeness of service.
Feeling at home nonetheless it'sthe spiritthat depicts.

A tiny man surrounded by gigantic houses
All sky high and surpassing the tallness of tropicaltrees.
Formed of property glass that twinkles with lights,
The entryway that rotate and swings
Should they talk banging or slamming?
Sophisticated life at least there is a naming.
Follow suite dear little something.
I urge you please do not lose my footing.
Exploration in the house, so is everything.
From gorgeous clothesto sumptuous meals
Shopping is all yours enjoy the reals.
From one floor into another start sky scrapping.
Floors beneath the ground descend and start exploring.
Man of own life in examining
Only in a good mind that imagines.

Flowing on four wheels and still making sense.
It'scalled magnificence, onlookers testify.
Dark grey and tinted windows.
Fluent like a surface of sea water with no tide.
Eyes closed and watching over a fantasy.
Not at all crazy just a mind that imagines good life.

by Alison Mujati

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Cant believe i wrote this
Alison, such an interesting write👍👍👍