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A Miner's Destiny

The miner will go inside a deep dark hole
And that is where he mines and extracts the coal,
He digs into the earth, where coal was given birth
But, someday soon I swear, the earth will take her toll.
Underneath the earth, one day he knows that he will be buried
But, it will be his choice! Either from a cave-in or being carried.

In the depths of a coal mine the miner laid dead
No man, but GOD knew the final thoughts in his head,
He took his last breath, he then was greeted by death
He now becomes a miner's obituary that would not be read.
I wonder though, was digging that one piece of coal worth his life
Was that one piece of coal, more precious than his child and wife.

In the hospital bed a miner laid sick and dying
Only GOD could see his tears in the bed that he is lying,
His life was coal dust, his existence to many was a must
But, now in his hospital bed with black lung he is crying.
I wonder if any man cared about this one man's flight
Or does man only care, for the electricity for his house light.

Randy L. McClave

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