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(confession) If You Were Someone Like Me

if you were someone like me
hardly fall in love,
and once you did
you turned out to be a secret admirer
you don't own her but you know know the meaning of "i'm glad that you exist"

if you were someone like me
you were desperate
you know no more
what's wrong
or what's right
but you do know the reason of "kissing stranger in a new year's eve"

if you were someone like me
stuck in the same old boring routine
but you kept being busy
just to find the way of "dealing with loneliness"

if you were someone like me
making fun of yourself
cause you keep wasting your money for treating someone else
you would know the feeling of "being happy but not happiest"

by Vernando Poems

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Well-done. Is the time on the clock right?
I spent a day at Bergen-Belsen camp. As a peacetime soldier, looking, listening, feeling. No birds sang, the wind veered away. We went by coach, noisy, cracking jokes, talking and laughing. We left by coach, quiet, thoughtful, just talking softly. Everyone should go there at least once. Then it would never happen again.
.... (speechless) ! excellent poem, well done! HBH
I couldn't finish reading this. Not that it's bad. Not at all. Just too much for me to look at.
How do you do this? How do you go from dream filled to awesome rancor. Marvelous-What depth-This poem is truly painful and so descriptive ******* 7 Stars truly Brandon
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