CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

A Mirage

A long way had I come along,
A long journey ahead,
When thirst filled my mouth of song,
And death itself seemed dead.

The sand my companion,
The cactus false hope,
As I walked with vain determination,
And drought filled my throat.

At last I found a shore line,
With gallons of dreams beyond,
For all of it my tongue did pine,
All worries already gone.

I knelt down to take a gulp,
And drank the ocean dry,
When I found my mouth to be filled with pulp,
With great despair I did cry.

As my tears touched my lips,
And gave me joy in grief,
My life returned to me,
To write this poem so brief!

Copyright © Christian Eliab Ratnam 2012

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