(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Mirror [rev.]

Why is it some try to pull the wool over our eyes,
abuse people to the face expecting them to buy
into the game, acting less respect, consideration,
claiming the term ‘love' used accords freedom to
insult - adding they believe once it is bespoke -
people then forfeit right to privacy, but no right to
withhold privilege to whoever uses it?

It's good to know that the world contains all sorts,
everyone's free to decide where they will fit and
what is thus described is fun; the speaker made
what he means easy to understand as he loudly
proclaimed himself simpleton, demanded people
accept him when the word love is used even if
he has such bad manners, breaches etiquette,
destroys all possible rules of protocol

Rational people will turn away, find others they
can relate to, it's a clever test helping observers
decide who they are seeing in this mirror held
up to them - when I saw the distortions I had to
laugh, turn away; the speaker claimed affection
for people calling them fools & spitting on ‘em,
surely a spoof unless the speaker's deranged,
in which case I'll not wait to see the tragic end…

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