A Mislaid Poem

It's got to be someplace
In a copy, on a sheet
In a notebook, in the attic
Left somewhere quite discreet
I remember writing it
Just in time for a deadline
Didn't get round to enter it
Just like many more of mine
I found another long lost poem
Another one I didn't send
It felt good seeing it again
Just like meeting an old friend

by Margaret O Driscoll

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Every poet that reads this one is gonna say me too.
Just like many more of mine I found another long lost poem..Meeting old friend is very emotive in expression. Wisely drafted poem shared on.10
This poem held my attention throughout not only for its beautiful rhymes and flow, but the suspense of - was the poem found, what happened, what about the deadline? It describes so well a reality of putting something special in a special place (to be easily found) and then, of course, totally forgetting what that special place was. Also, the unexpected discovery of something not even thought about, but there it is: a poem of long ago - like revisiting an old friend. Lovely poetic description of what happens in life so often, with poems and just about everything else. Deadlines - oh my goodness, that's a stress nobody really likes too much. Thank you for sharing this slice of life in a very palatable and pleasant way.
I undertand this poem so much, I love finding old poems