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A Misplaced Letter

This poem is about a letter,
one that was posted through a door,
and somehow it got pushed,
under the carpet on the floor.
Many years past before it came to light.
Then when it was opened,
there was a surprise in sight.
It revealed a secret, that had been hidden
for years, and the person that opened it,
just burst into tears.
It read of a young women,
who begged to come home,
she was without friends and all alone.
The man she ran away with
had gone back to his wife, she was now with child
having ruined her life.
The letter was dated, ninteen thirty five.
Could it be possible that she is still alive.
If her child had lived, there would be children of it's own
With one set of grandparents, the other's unknown.

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Comments (5)

Delightful Sylvia, a long ago memory which is very moving and leaves one in a sort of 'limbo' as to what happened. Lovely read. Love Ernestine XXX
I swear this gave me goosebumps Sylvia! What a tale! Great poem. Sincerely, Mary
We wonder about the fate of strangers, given the little we know of them, and hope always for the best... This is a sad but wonderful poem. Thank you.
The story of a letter that could have changed so many lives. The mood is bittersweet. The message poignant. Thank you for sharing. Love, Sandra
Dear Sylvia, every poem tells a story but this one contains a story within a story.Such to ponder about, I love it.Thankyou for this wonderful poem.Love Duncan