(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A 'missed' Interpretation

Lies to tell on anyone,
With intent done to ruin their lives...
And established relationship,
Solid and uncompromised...
Can not be placed in the same category,
As mistakes made to do unconsciously.
Is a 'missed' interpretation,
Of reality and facts.
And minds unwilling to stay attached to them.

Too many have kept expectations,
That an apology to give...
Returns a forgiveness given.
And from those who have been victimized.
But overwhelmed with joy to hear,
How it was God came to folks like this...
At the stroke of midnight.
Awakening them with images, symbols...
And a soft whispered voice,
To soothe the doing of their detailed misdeeds.
Shocking them into cold sweats.
And unexpected bathroom visits.

They were made to stand quietly to listen,
In the rays of God's redeeming light.

Is a 'missed' interpretation.
Too often used as an excuse,
For the purpose to introduce God...
As a reason some believe themselves to be picked,
To destroy relationships and ruin lives...
As alibis to gain empathy,
From those who are told faithfully...
Mistakes are made by everyone to make.
And anyone who has not thrown a stone...
Should not live in a glass house.

And this...
A 'missed' interpretation too!

Here is my updated version:
(clearing throat)

A foot stepped on and meant to do,
Is going to leave two feet bruised.
And 'this'...
Is in no need to be interpreted.
Religiously 'with' or without the backup,
Of truth and facts.
Since feelings to be felt...
With 'intentment',
Seem to get the point sent directly.

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