A Missing Link

In King Tut's tomb were near and dear
Remains discovered next to King.
Parents, wives and daughters all here,
To make his death a fam'ly thing.
But stepmom Nefertiti is
Still missing and a mystery.
So scientists are doing biz
To find where Nefertiti be?
She had a daughter Tut had wed.
Doubly related - so assume
Close ties alive and close ties dead,
And she'd be somewhere in Tut's tomb.

A discovery of such awe -
Nefertiti, mummy in law!

by Ima Ryma

Comments (2)

I almost laughed out loud at that last line! I love your work. Keep it up.
Interesting that someone would take the time to write a poem about this subject. How delightfully different the author must be.