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A Mistake
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

A Mistake

A mistake was born
From her body I was torn.
She didn't really want me
I was born into the wrong body.

She wanted a boy
That would have brought her joy.
But instead she had me
She was no longer free.

Why did she stop loving me?
Why couldn't she accept me as part of the family?
Why didn't she care?
Why didn't she want me there?

She made me feel like a failure
When all I did was try to impress her.
I was just a mistake
Her love for me was nothing but fake.

Did she ever love me?
What did she want me to be?
Having me must be something she regrets
I'm the daughter she would rather forget.

I did everythinc I could
Always trying to be good.
Everything from me she would take
And treated me like I was some big mistake.

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