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A Misty Day

A Misty Day

A Misty Day

The dense black mist on all sides
Nothing visible to human eye
Everything hidden beyond the horizons
Covered by the thick layers of mist
Thank God, Glory be to You,
The dark soldiers too are invisible
They are shrouded in the swirls of black mist
I can walk and talk without fear
In the misty vale of Cashmere
The misty day gives me some peace
But I do not dare to move out
Chill runs down my spine
Because there is too much terror
Mother whispers in my ear
My child, don't go out to play
Soldiers are flashing search lights
They might bullet you down with no regret
To satiate their sadistic and morbid conscience
But, I want to tell you, wait and hope
Misty and foggy days shall not stretch far too long
There shall, surely, come the sunny day
This is something I can sense -
From the change of seasons,
From the alternation of night and day
Nothing is permanent in this world -
Night passes into the day, and
Day passes into the night
You may not believe my words
Because you see Neru playing at his flute
Heart of my heart, I pray for you
Let mist not shroud your days anymore
Let fog not stop the radiant light anymore
For you have not seen the sun in the clear sky
Shining over your head, over your land


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