No need for normalcy
in the nights of now,
never and always.
Be assured, it is an
atrocity to be average,
when you could be astounding.
Dance with us,
the dangerous, the dreamers,
the dreadful and deranged.
We poets of passion, purpose,
play on our pleasures,
pursue us and have the world.
We can help you find it,
to hold it in your hand, your heart.
Spinning and swirling, seducing you
with our strange tongues and eyes,
we see and speak your soul,
could it really be so light?
Look beyond the lies and leap,
learn to trust the things we tell you,
transcend the rigidity of today.
Run, run, run with us,
reach the stars and rule the world,
rock it with your realisations
and let them rebound
intercepting the chaos.
Cool kid, charmer, charismatic creation,
come, can you see it yet?
Go with us, grow along the way,
if your feet never touch the ground again,
at least you will have been Golden.

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