RW (23 Aug / London)

A Moment

The things we take for granted so settled and so true
The things we see for pleasure so pretty and sea blue
The things that teach us what it is we are supposed to do
The things that reach through and shine that light upon you.

The sights that bequeth all we have in our hearts
The sounds that shatter and tear us apart
The voices that reach across a thousand miles
The touches that make us shiver, a quiver down to the tiles.

The rain on the window, relaxing as the sea
The snow on the hills as cold as can be
The sun in the sky that shines on you and me
The wind in the trees, as your called in for your tea.

All of them combined in a life full of unrest
All of it combined were we right to get it off our chest
All of it together so free with such rapture
I just want to be with you, this moment to capture!

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