A Moment Like This

A moment like this
has been deemed a once in
a life time experience. However I have felt
similiar feelings, dreamt similiar dreams, thought the
imaginative thought.
In a moment like this
I will banish my fear with expectations that we
both flirt with a deep desire for the inevitable.
A moment like this
has allowed me to release what none other
has had the courage to enforce, but
have secretly wished. I am sure of
my feelings as I am sure of the outcome,
therefore, embracing this endeavour seems
only natural and acceptable.
In a moment like this
you have bestowed upon me a great sense
of admiration and understanding which therefore
confirms my initial thought. A moment like this
has shed light on a once upon a time dark shadow
that although self motivated became my way of escape, .
The fear of the shadow being lifted co-existed with the thought
of being hurt again, in a moment like this.
In a moment like this
I want to be brave for I feel I am worthy of what I deserve.
If in a moment like this
a memorable moment like this we should decide
to take it slow. Then a friendship an undying one will last forever,
in a moment like this.

by Gero Lorna

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