A Moment Missed

Poem By Silence Dogood

Remember when I asked you out?
And how you shed a tear.
Remember how I told you.
That I'd stay for all those years.

Remember our first kiss?
Under a moonlit sky.
Remember the fireworks.
That shone in your eyes.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember all the promises?
That we never seemed to keep.
Remember all the times.
I held you when you'd weep.

Remember all the walks we took?
On the beach at midnight.
Remember when we were perfect?
And everything felt right.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember that rose I sent you?
For our schools winter dance.
Remember when we broke up?
And I begged for a second chance.

Remember when you got pregant.
And I stayed right by your side.
Remember how I bought that ring?
And took your hand in mine.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember when I became a dad?
And held my baby girl.
Remember how we fought for names.
And ended up with Pearl.

Remember her first birthday?
And that pretty teddy bear.
Remember her old blankie?
That she carried everywhere.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember how you left me?
With not a word goodbye.
Remember how you took her?
And left me there to die.

Remember all those years?
That you spent far away.
Remember our dying love?
That was ment to always stay.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember the years after?
When you became a whore.
Remember how you took off?
And walked through that same door.

Remember when you got drunk?
And they took our Pearl away.
Remember how I took the fall.
Even though you were too blame.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember how you changed?
And forgot what use to be.
Remember how you hit her?
When our girl had just turned three.

Remember all those moments?
That we thought would last forever.
Remember all our memories?
That we had shared together.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Remember when you lost your future?
And chose to slice your wrists.
Remember the note you sent me?
Saying please remember this.

Today it's three years later.
And our baby's turning five.
Today she has no mommy.
Because you chose to die.

A smeared kiss.
A moment missed.

Comments about A Moment Missed

The smeared kiss a moment missed was alittle overdone i think but it was still awesome! i loved it! keep writing you got talent! =)
i didnt really like the 'Smeared kiss, a moment missed' it get annoyinh after a while and it sounds stupid

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