MH ( / Chicago, IL USA)

A Moment Of Liberation

Let not the outside

Distract you

No more


Feel that joy within

Which bubbles up

From an undefined


Bubbles up naturally

As a spring from

Deep within the Earth


This joy is not just of this Earth


A joy

That comes from a place

Deep within yourself

A place unguarded

Fully accessable

The watchman has left

Due to the billance

Of a Light


The cells of the human body

Sing with joy

The heart awakens


Is enlivened

Peace is at hand


A lion speaks

To a lamb

Angels speak to one another

As the Earth responds

A chorus begins

A song sung in the freedom


A moment of liberation


A union is formed

Hearts sing out

A song of Love

Heaven and Earth respond

And Peace

Prevails for this moment

As joy returns

As God and Man



Be as one



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Comments (4)

The cells of the human body Sing with joy - That's when reading a poem :)
Not a fun to read a poem without punctuation marks!
Dear Words' Knight: That is my intention. I am very aware of the proper use of puntuation. I have chosen to have a cerain style that is flowing or uninterupted. If i were an English Teacher this would be unacceptable. My poetry is written from a place of creativity in which I have the freedom to write my own rules and I do. So rule number one is: Throw out all puntuation. Rule nuber 2: Be ready to deal with the critics. Thanbks for your comment. i do appreciate that you took the time to write me a messsage. Kind regards, Mike
A complete absence of punctuation.