A Moment Of Pleasure

(Written about 35 years ago)
(times haven't changed)

I don’t like shooting up
It’s not my cup of tea
You get high and quickly come down
To a life of misery

I saw my brother lose
In a game you just can’t win
Yet so many people try
Over and over and over again

Then before you know it
It happens and you’re hooked
The life behind you misplaced
And the life ahead overlooked

It starts so sweet and simple
When you take that first sniff
Neglecting every statistic
And the odds you’ll end up stiff

First a nickel bag
Then two isn’t enough
Your friends try to reason with you
But you don’t want to hear that stuff

You’ve puked your guts out
The look on your face not the least sublime
Yet for one moment of pleasure
You erase the creation of a lifetime

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (2)

A deeply felt glimpse into a drug addicts life. Yes, as much as things change they also stay the same. Technology advances the human mentality remains the same. Thank you for sharing.
erase the creation of a lifetime. how true of all addicts whether it be alcohol or drugs..johnoe