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A Moment Passing
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Moment Passing

Remembering back you dressed in black
Moving and grooving as the bass was pumping
To the bass line, Shifting bodies twisting
You moving gracefully still so tastefully

Things that night you never knew
Just how much I wanted you
I in a trance as I watched you dance
Set to motion by circumstance

For a sign, I was waiting
Music to my ears was vibrating
You so tall standing there
How I wanted to touch golden hair

Feet to foot and head to toe
Against brown skin, you set a glow
Things you didn't get to know
Into the night you were the star of the show

In my arms wanting you badly
To take you away I'd do gladly
To encourage me to your way
A mere word would've made my day

To dance with you from behind
Holding you close as we wind
The way you moved sent shiver down my spine
As you danced to the reggae bass line

Libido running wild as tonic I was drinking
Squeezing you gentle I was thinking
Matters to me became troubling
All I wanted was for us to be bubbling

The rains came and things were not the same
On your way till another day
Hoping I for another rendezvous
For all I want is to get close to you

Standing in socks soaking wet
Festival now I won't forget
Still, I have nothing to regret
At myself only I can be upset
The chance I had came and went
Time I had not diligently spent

Picture this if you will
Palette colors brilliant fill
I a bit over the hill
Sexually charged down my back a chill

You and I a two-person club
While we frolic in the hot tub
I giving you a sensual back rub
Ever so close encounter we rub a dub

Kissing tenderly as we're romancing
Imagine us horizontally dancing
Oh what a day and what a night
As they say in olden days, "you're out of sight! "

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