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A Moment's Interlude
FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

A Moment's Interlude

Poem By Frederick Kesner

where have all the people gone?
you walk past them on the street
and they stare blankly ahead

or are wrapped up in their own world
a bubble that shields them from
the oozing hurt and confusion that
is like a cloudy mist that would not lift.

how the heart hungers for that one:
that though we may remain as before
strangers walking our own way,

after a fleeting hello in the light
of that brilliant sunny morning walk
experience life's longing desire
one moment of intimate connection.


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Comments (8)

All the lonely people. This poem strikingly brings it home. Some are lonely, some are too far up themselves. Steve
Sometimes one moment of intimate connection becomes essence of whole lifespan. A good poem, Frederick. Best Wishes. Naseer
Whatever could be point in writing this beautiful poem but I agree that there come moments in the life of eachone of us when we feel lone even in a crowd.Perhaps, that is our fate as Mathew Arnold says, 'we mortal millions love alone'. CP
very eloquent. heart felt.
This was actually scary to me having a social phobia, my biggest fear would be any type of intimate connection.