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A Moment's Madness
AR (05/01/1982 / )

A Moment's Madness

Poem By Andrew Rose

Time it ticks it fades away,
Luscious youth is left to pay,
The price of fate it can’t deny,
All is wrong but so was I-

And while we watch the clocks today,
With nothing left to feel or say,
I wonder if we can be friends,
A moment’s madness never ends.

Waiting for the end to come,
It seems to take forever long,
The world is gone is packed away,
I wonder if we should have stayed-

Together used to be the way,
Never parted never stray,
All these things I wish would mend,
A moment’s madness never ends.

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Comments (2)

well written -midnightmaiden
That feeling of sitting watching the clock ticking and nothing to say... the silence where there used to be jubilance every second.... I think many will relate to that and you express it wonderfully. Which is of course the wrong word but you know what I mean. t x