DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

A Moment Well Spent

Nature opens itself more
To people who look deeply
Than to those that bother
Only to just see

She's a showoff, a braggart, exhibitionist,
A Grande Dame, a diva …yet
Her Bette Midler/Madonna persona
Is revealed to only people like me

People who not only glance at…
But cup blossoms lovingly in hand
Inhaling her essence
Breathing deep, her perfume so grand

She'll gift you her favors
If in turn you give your attention
Allow you to savor the flavors
With out a hint of pretention

But most miss her beauty
And tis such a sad thing to me
That they fail to look closely
Bother only to see

So I say, bury your nose in a rose
Surrender yourself in it's scent
Take the time to look closely
Twill be a moment well spent

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