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Sonnet: A Teacher

I loved to be a Medical-Teacher;
My Teacher Father was my role model;
His scholarliness was his great feature;
His greatness words can never truly tell.

A Teacher tells whatever, he has known;
And moulds the conduct, character of wards;
He guides his pupils like his very own;
And expects never earthly just rewards.

A Teacher stays a Teacher forever;
None can replace his place uniquely held;
His students must be brighter and clever,
And when that happens, he is much reveled.

The students imbibe Teacher's noble thought;
To hand the same to progeny, they ought.

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Beautiful poetry.
So much said about the empty fun....there's no joy in this partying.....here u almost feel the depressing ambience of a pub...Thank You Sir...
Party animals suffer from nothingness. Excellent observation. Ten+ Ms. Nivedita UK Cordially invite to read and comment on Lingerie-IG* Enigmatic Navel or other poems niv
'Guests were drunk with the melting beauty of girls. The night invites me to move' Rachel Ann Butler
Bars were full of dancing souls I love that line... good job. very good. like it a lot. *Purkey Girl*
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