A Moment With A Night

The night turns a being
without forms and image
And says, lets go for a sip
with this thirsty eyes.

by Ershad Mazumder Click to read full poem

Comments (14)

Beautiful poetry.
So much said about the empty fun....there's no joy in this partying.....here u almost feel the depressing ambience of a pub...Thank You Sir...
Party animals suffer from nothingness. Excellent observation. Ten+ Ms. Nivedita UK Cordially invite to read and comment on Lingerie-IG* Enigmatic Navel or other poems niv
'Guests were drunk with the melting beauty of girls. The night invites me to move' Rachel Ann Butler
Bars were full of dancing souls I love that line... good job. very good. like it a lot. *Purkey Girl*
A moment is just a moment if there's nobody with significance When the only one shows up A moment could be eternity
It is a beautiful work derived from wit and experience.10 for it.
A well written poem on night 10+++++++
Splendid read Ershad! A moment with a night to find Paradise and to unwind Inviting as it seemed to be A nothingness - is all you see Best regards! *10*! ! Friend Thad
O the night is beautifully composed, love it.10++
Ahh, , , 'melting beauty of girls'.....good night Ershad, , you enjoying yourself thses days, ,10++
A wonderful title. And you have captured the night with all of its magic and mystery.Ten from me. Warm regards, Sandra
a rendevous with night, Ershad, this is succinctly put, as Rebekah says, impressive. Regards Mamta
This poem is a teacup full of the condition of human being. I'm very impressed.